Asteroid Blaster

A difficult, fast-paced asteroids clone with some fancy graphics, nice sounds, and more intelligent enemies.


  • Left and Right arrow keys to steer
  • Up arrow key to thrust (tap lightly!)
  • Z or Space to fire
  • Esc to pause or cancel
  • Enter, Z, or Space to confirm

Note: This is a space game, you must tap the keys lightly to stay in control!

How to play:

Shoot at asteroid-blobs until they die! Get the highest score you can! Touch anything and you will explode . . .

The blue bar in the center of your ship shows your ammo/energy. Every time one of your shots hits something, you instantly get the ammo back from that shot, but if you miss you have to wait for it to regenerate slowly over time. Accuracy is key to survival. A new wave of asteroids will spawn when you kill the last asteroid on the screen. If you take too long to clear a wave, enemy ships will appear to hunt you down with deadly, seeking missile-blobs. The higher the wave, the sooner they come. Play hard mode for the ultimate dogfighting challenge.


Your bullets will give a small push to the asteroids when they hit, so if you only shoot asteroids that are moving towards you, you can keep them moving slowly. Don't shoot them when they're moving away from you or they'll get moving very fast and probably kill you.

Watch out for the small blobby guys with antennae, they're not quite as innocent as they look, and they may accelerate very quickly to avoid asteroids. You can push them away pretty easily with your shots.

The sooner your shots hit something, the sooner you get your ammo back, and the faster you can fire. Get up close and personal for maximum damage output.


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wasd would be better for movement and mouse for shoot 

Haha, well it would be easier for sure, but then it would be an entirely different genre of game.

still a good game just finger twister is difficult