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Gunpods Vagabond is a 2D, side-scrolling shooter with physically simulated, Lunar Lander style movement mechanics. It is fast-paced, hard, and designed with up to three-player local co-op in mind.

Gunpods is free and always will be! But, you can pay me a few dollars for it if you enjoy it. It's not the most finished game in the world, so don't be surprised if there are minor bugs and incomplete content. Read the instructions menu and turn on 'Practice Mode' until you get the hang of basic flying around and stuff. It is basically a space game, so you must tap the controls gently to stay in control.

Current Feature List:

  • Challenging and interesting movement mechanics - none of this "move at a constant velocity as long as you hold the button" business.
  • Up to 3-player local multiplayer.
  • Optional "hot-joining" - If on, other players can join the game at any time.
  • Configurable controls - (Note: this is newly added and not quite twit-proof yet, but it works fine if you don't try to do weird things with it.)
  • Analog gamepad support for all players (should work on Mac now)
  • Endless survival gameplay - with enemies spawned in a controlled random fashion.
  • Practice Mode - Endless easy mode for learning the controls, testing weapons, or just playing around.
  • Boost - a high-speed dash maneuver with limited fuel. In addition to making you move really fast it gives the following benefits while active:
    • You are immune to impact and explosion damage.(but not bullets!)
    • You deal lots of damage to anything you contact.
    • Your weapons are 'augmented'.
  • 7 Weapons - each with its own unique augmented mode, active while boosting. You have unlimited ammo, but weapons must be reloaded when their magazine is empty.
  • 15 Distinct enemy types.

System Requirements:

OpenGL 2.1 or later.

If you don't know what OpenGL version you're running, first find what graphics card you have in your system info, then find it in one of these Wikipedia pages: Intel | GeForce | Radeon If your computer is more recent than 2010 you should be fine.

Unfortunately this is a hard requirement. If your graphics card doesn't meet it, the game will just crash on startup.


Graphics, code, sound, etc: Me. (Ross Grams) Built with Godot Engine.

NOTE for Mac: I don't have a mac so these builds are rather untested, but so far I haven't heard of any issues. Gamepad support is brand new on macs, so there might be some issues with that.

If you have issues: Try the debug version for your platform. They're the same except they'll open their own terminal window and should print error reports for anything that goes wrong.


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Gunpods Vagabond_2016_09_15_Win.zip 20 MB
Gunpods Vagabond_2016_09_15_Win(debug).zip 20 MB
Gunpods Vagabond_2016_09_15_Linux_32-bit.tar.gz 20 MB
Gunpods Vagabond_2016_09_15_Linux_32-bit(debug).tar.gz 20 MB
Gunpods Vagabond_2016_09_15_Linux_64-bit.tar.gz 21 MB
Gunpods Vagabond_2016_09_15_Linux_64-bit(debug).tar.gz 20 MB
Gunpods Vagabond_2016_09_15_Mac.zip 21 MB
Gunpods Vagabond_2016_09_15_Mac(debug).zip 22 MB


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Pretty great! Controls are a bit hard, but that's cool!

Thanks, glad you like it!