Made for the Unofficial Defold Game Jam #2. May be broken or just not fun at all.

On Blackwatch

Your duty is to keep an invasive alien organism from escaping its containment area. Protect the four nearby bunkers from being overgrown and destroyed.


  • Arrow keys: Forward, Reverse, and Turning.
  • Space: Fire guns.
  • P: Toggle pause.
  • R: Reset to start screen.


Destroy the alien growths with your guns or the incinerator grids.

  • The organism goes through regular cycles of growth and dormancy.
  • If any tentacles reach the edge of the containment circle, they will begin to grow rapidly!
    • You can push them back inside the circle to get them back under control.
  • Tentacles outside the circle may grow even during the dormant cycle.
  • If any alien matter touches the bunkers, they will explode! (We don't know why this is. It seems like a real safety hazard.)
  • Shoot off tentacle growing tips to prevent growth temporarily.
  • Push alien bits into an incinerator, and the entire severed strand will be vaporized.
  • The incinerators turn on when the player moves over them, or during dormant cycles.
  • If you provoke the main body of the organism during a dormant cycle, it may become active prematurely.

Local Multiplayer:

There is very basic local multiplayer support: Other players can press their "fire" button to join. Right now the only option is for two other players on the keyboard. I'll see about adding in gamepads.

Other Player Controls:

  • Player 2: WASD and Left Shift.
  • Player 3: Numpad 8, 5, 4, and 6, and Num 0.
  • Player 4: Gamepad - D-pad to drive and A to shoot.
AuthorRoss Grams
Made withDefold
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 3


Download 828 kB
Version 1 Jun 30, 2019

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